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Essential Workplace Courses

Smartphone Fundamentals | Online Calendars and Social Media | Online Tools | Online Meetings


Understand Your Mobile Device | Industry Practice | Increase Productivity


Microsoft Office Courses

Basic Functions | Identify Data | Types of Data | Collect & Store Data


Editing | Formatting | Charts | Formulas & Functions | Workbooks


Formatting | Validate & Audit | Tables | PivotTables | Formulas & Functions | Charts


Popular Uses of PowerPoint | Core Tools | Design Choices and Shortcuts | Presenting Your PowerPoint


Purpose of Reports and Writing | Creating Your Report | Export Your Report | Case Studies and Exercise


Digital Marketing Courses

Concepts | Web Presence | Management | Analytics | Social Media Setup | Marketing and Advertising



Bread Courses

Sandwich Loaf (Open and Closed Top) | French Bread | Soft Roll


Wholemeal | Multigrain | Asian Sweet Bun Fruit Bread | Dark Rye Walnut | Hamburger Bun | Raisin Crusty Roll


Classic Sourdough | White Bread using Poolish | Zopf Bread | Focaccia | Light Ciabatta | Crusty Bread


Cake Courses

Sponge Cake | Batter Cake | Baked Cheesecake | Pandan Chiffon | Swiss Roll


Fresh Fruit Shortcake | Glacage | Classic French Opera | Fondant Cake


Muffn – Blueberry Streusel | Double Chocolate | Cheesy Polenta | Scones – Cheddar & Scallion | Lemon Scented | Cranberry


Dim Sum Courses

Century Egg Puff | Winter Melon Crisp | Char Siew Pu | Chrysanthemum Crisp | Flaky Moon Cake | Flaky Pastry


Siew Mai | Phoenix Eye Dumpling | Fried Oyster Sauce Dumpling | Steamed Yam Cake | Five-spice Meat Puff | Sesame Balls


Longevity Pau with Lotus Filling | Lotus Paste Pau | Hong Kong Char Siew Pau | Flower Roll and Mantou | Crystal / Chinese Parsley Dumpling


Dessert Courses

Ang Ku Kueh | Soya Beancurd | Agar Agar | Osmanthus Jelly | Mango Sago Dessert| Poached Milk Pudding


Goreng Pisang Kipas | Bingka Ubi | Ondeh Ondeh | Kueh Dadar | Pandan Kueh Salat | Bubor Pulut Hitam


Pastry Courses

Croissant | Cinnamon Twist | Apple Square | Custard Claw | Pain Au Chocolat | Victoria


Choux au Craquelin | Eclair | Paris Brest | Religieuse | Gateaux St Honore


Palmier | Pithivier | Chocolate Puff | Tuna Puff | Apple Puff


Peranakan Courses

Achar | Dry Mee Siam | Kapitan Chicken Curry | Nonya Popiah | Kueh Pie Tie | Sugee Cake


Pong Teh Chicken | Ngoh Hiang | Otak-Otak | Nonya Dumpling | Kueh Lapis Legit


Other Courses

Short Bread | Fruit Tarts | Egg Custard Tarts | Apple Pie | Frangipane Tarts


Sea Salt Orange Macarons | Traditional Shortbread | Green Tea Viennese Cookies | Chocolate Lava Cookies | Almond Biscotti


Bread-and-Butter Pudding | Pastry Cream | Vanilla Sauce | Fruit Coulis| Fruit Filling | Mushroom Quiche | Choux Cream Puff


VI College

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Genetic Computing School

Basic Computer Courses

Microsoft Office Courses

Adobe Courses

Basic Mobile Courses

Digital Marketing Courses


Baking Courses

Ignite the baker within you. Our course is crafted for the aspiring bakers and dessert lovers like you. This 8 days SkillsFuture Credit-eligible programme provides a hands-on learning experience under the guidance of our expert chefs.

You will receive hands-on training on making various kinds of cakes and cookies. Our expert in-house chefs demonstrate and explains every steps of the procedure while you practice them at your fully-equipped station.

Raspberry Yoghurt Tart | Yuzu Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting | Charcoal Matcha Chiffon | Lemon Pound Cake | Cow Print Roll with Choco Cream | Dark Cherry Swiss Roll


Chocolate Chip Cookies | Matcha Almond Cookies | Apple Cookies | Oatmeal Chocolate Raisin Cookies | Cranberry Biscotti | Pistachio Biscotti | Butter Cookies | Calico Cats Cookies


You’ve asked, we listened. BELLS Baking Studio (formerly known as Whisk Baking Studio by AGB) has launched a bread and tarts course for complete beginners! In this SkillsFuture Credit-eligible course, you’ll experience what it’s like to bake a whole basket of bread and spread of afternoon pastries. Technique and flavour-focused, this course will cover everything from bread kneading techniques, to ingredient ratios and fail-proof methods.

Burnt Cheese Tart | Pear Frangipane Tart | Sweet Potato Lattice Pie | Walnut Tart | Mushroom Cheese Quiche | Raspberry Yoghurt Tart


Sakura Mochi Bun | Cheese Plaited Bun | Milk Chocolate Loaf | Japanese Curry Onigiri Bun | Seaweed Cheese Loaf | Caterpillar Custard Bun


Do you too drool at the aroma of freshly baked Muffins and Scones as you pass by any bakery? Do you too wish you could bake amazing Macarons? We hear you!

Our SkillsFuture Credit eligible Hands-on Muffin, Scone and Macaron Baking Course is made for you. You can go for this course even if you have zero baking knowledge. You’ll get hands-on training by our in-house chefs at a fully-equipped station.

Cranberry Cream Scones | Berries Crumble Muffins | Pandan Coconut Cream Scones with Kaya | Garlic and Cheese Biscuits | Apple Cinnamon Muffins


Passion Macarons | Salted Pistachio Chocolate Macaron | Vegemite Macarons | Truffle Macarons | Kaya Cinnamon Macarons


Tech Courses

Learn to automate mundane work processes with “software robots”


Learn to design dynamic websites from scratch using WIX. No-coding required.


Buy and Sell on Carousell


Toni International

This course qualifies graduate to operate their own freelance practice. Graduate can also gain employment in being assistant in Basic Makeup industry.


This course qualifies graduate to operate their own freelance practice. Graduate can also gain employment in being assistant in Nail Art ​industry.


This course qualifies graduate to operate their own freelance practice. Graduate can also gain employment in being assistant in Facial Treatment ​industry.


This award qualifies graduate to operate their own freelance practice. Graduate can also gain employment in massage industry.



NFT Courses

In this workshop, you will be working on designing your very own digital art creations with software such as Procreate and Infinite Painter. Learners will also be able to use these digital art forms for listings on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.




Professional Courses

Understand different photography styles. Learn how to effectively use lighting to enhance your photos. Explore various photo composition techniques. Edit tone and colour, correct distortions and retouch photos using various mobile apps!

TGS-2022012442Mobile Videography & Video Editing

Understand the video-making process, professional camera angles, movements, lighting and audio. Learn video editing with Premiere Pro and/or Mobile Apps, and shot planning and video content creation basics!


Understand the Art Basics: Sketching Techniques and Colour Theory, the process and order of colouring and the Aesthetic Choice and Colour Wheel. Learn to prepare artworks on various mediums using Colour.



Culinary Courses

Tempura Udon | Tsukemen | Chawanmushi | Chicken Teriyaki | Okonomiyaki | Yakisoba | Tamagoyaki | Chicken Kaarage


Pineapple Fried Rice | Cashew Chicken | Tom Yum Goong | Olive Fried Rice | Thai Pandan | Chicken | Basil Minced Chicken | Thai Green Curry | Thai Satay Skewers


Siew Mai | Xiao Long Bao | Salted Egg Custard Bun | Har Gow | Chee Cheong Fun (Shrimp)


Mooncake | Ondeh-ondeh | Jiu Ceng Gao | Mango Sticky Rice | Peanut Muah Chee | HK Egg Tarts



Learn the secrets of designing, crafting and moulding your very own suite of customised artisanal candles from scratch to shelf.
(Total 12+1 Candles)


Experience the art of scent blending to discover the secrets of perfumery and bottle your unique scent into a finished product.
(Total 6+1 Perfume Products)


Farmz Asia

Discover The Tools, Methods And List Of Materials To Juice For Fast Weight Loss. Apply The Same Method Which Has Been Used By Our Clients To Achieve Weight Loss Results!


Our exclusive collection of easy-to-follow recipes and unique techniques will have you certified as a Healthy High Tea Delights Baker in just 2 days!


Relationship Studio

Understanding yourself and then the other person is the key to successful relationships. One of the most powerful tools to do so is the Enneagram, which allows you to see beyond the “what” (Behavioral traits) , but also understand the “why” (Base motivations and insecurities) and the “how” (Solutions) for next steps of breakthrough.


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