Our Core Values is Dream Big Commitment to Excellence Biased for Action Always having Fun Continuous Improvement Love and Gratitude Courage

Our Mission

The mission of ENSPIRE is to end the rat race and help anyone become the best versions of themselves: Financially, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually. ENSPIRE does this by providing an empowering community, with real-life practitioners who teach the things that truly matter in life and provide opportunities for people to have full control over their income and impact, leading their lives by design and not by default

Our Vision

  1. We have created 10,000 Five-figure Income/month earners all around the world by 2028, essentially helping 1 million families achieve financial freedom.
  2. We are a 100-year-old company that is known for nurturing the human spirit, bringing out the best versions in people through the right culture, environment, teachings, and education. (做人)
  3. We are an entrepreneurship conglomerate that provides a vast amount of resources for entrepreneurship in the world – business schools, outsourced sales agencies, networking groups, financial institutes.
  4. To explore the world together and understand our true purpose (TRUTH).

Our Management

  • Co-Founder/Managing Director ENSPIRE, one of the largest sales and marketing company in SG dealing with educational products.
  • 8 Years of Experience in entrepreneurship specialising in human management.
  • Youngest Singaporean disciple of Zhou Wen Qiang, a prominent figure in the field of financial and business education in China, known for his entrepreneurial journey and contributions to the industry.
  • Has spoken in front of thousands and wants to help more people with his knowledge and experience.

Our Partners

We are pleased to announce that Enspire Pte. Ltd. has passed all assessments and have made it to the Singapore SME 500 Award 2022. The Singapore SME 500 Award 2022 is significant for our business as it affirms our business standards, qualities and performance.

The Singapore SME 500 Award continues to be one of Singapore’s highly regarded business accolade that recognises local enterprises for its business qualities, excellence and capabilities. The assessment is conducted by the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) and part of the process includes evaluating enterprises in its quantitative and qualitative aspects, including the ability to further develop the business and scale its market.

Being awarded the Singapore SME 500 Award is an achievement for us and we will like to thank our partners, colleagues and clients who have made this possible. Thank you!

Dream Big | Commitment to Excellence | Biased for Action |Always having Fun | Continuous Improvement | Love and Gratitude | Courage

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